CougarAlert Notification System

The College of Charleston has an agreement with LiveSafe to provide an emergency notification system that is capable of reaching students, faculty, staff and parents within minutes of a campus crisis. This system is called CougarAlert.

The College community receives CougarAlerts, which are used to communicate emergencies taking place on campus, with direct call to actions, such as evacuations, building closures and/or class cancellations. CougarAlerts are also employed for emergencies or events taking place in the greater Charleston community that might have an effect on our campus community.


The CougarAlert emergency notification system will contact student, faculty, and staff phone numbers on file with the College. The CougarAlert system will pull a single phone number in the following order of preference – “Cell Phone with text,” “Cell Phone without text,” and “Text Messaging – don’t call.” For the purposes of emergencies, a text may be sent to the “Cell Phone without text” phone number.

All students, faculty and staff should log onto MyCharleston to review their telephone information and update as needed. CougarAlert email will always be the College-issued address.

To access the telephone information:

1.     Log on to MyCharleston

2.     Click on the Academic Services tab or Employee tab

3.     Click on the Banner Self-Service link in the third column

4.     Click on the Personal Information link

5.     Click on the Display Cougar Alert link

6.     This will reflect the cell number reflecting the listed preference described above.

7.     To update, click the “Update this phone number” button provided.


Family members or other guests may subscribe to the LiveSafe app and receive email, text and push notifications connected to the CougarAlert system.

Please download the free mobile app on your iPhone or Android by searching for the LiveSafe Mobile app in the App Store or Google Play (it is the one with the blue logo). Once you have input your contact information (phone number or email), you will receive a pin number. Then, you’ll have to fill in your name and password. After that, choose the College of Charleston as your affiliation, sign in and you are ready to use the app.


When you receive an emergency message from the College of Charleston’s CougarAlert System, the return e-mail address will be displayed as, and Caller ID will be displayed as 843.725.7246 (this is the College’s Emergency Information Hotline).


Testing will be conducted each semester to verify all systems are operating properly. The campus community will be notified via email and web page postings when testing of the system will be conducted.