Hurricane Irma Update: College’s Recovery Plan (September 8, 2017)

By | September 8, 2017

Campus Community,

As Hurricane Irma approaches and the College braces for its possible impact on campus and throughout the Southeast, the Emergency Management Team would like to share its hurricane and recovery plan.


There will be two operational units that will remain staffed and on campus throughout the duration of the hurricane:

  • Public Safety (two shifts led by Chief of Police Robert Reese)
  • Central Energy (rotating crews)

Please Note: Any students, faculty or staff found to be on campus by Public Safety will be ordered to leave.

Following the hurricane, the College will implement a phased/staged return for employees.

The first phase (made up of “Team One”) will include only Physical Plant’s Damage Assessment Team, the emergency management director and the senior leadership team (executive vice presidents).

Team One members are to return as soon as they are able and it is safe. If there is no power at the College, no one is to return to campus after dark, and campus will be “closed to all employees” (except Central Energy and Public Safety) after dusk.

The emergency management team will update the campus of a possible operational schedule once they have completed a full campus condition assessment. Staffing will then grow from there. Phase Two will constitute the repair/rehabilitation phase.

NOTE: The duration of PHASE ONE will depend on the severity of the hurricane.

Once Team One members have assessed the situation and begin necessary repair/rehabilitation work, plans will be made to bring back some employees for Phase Two (“Team Two”).

Division heads will communicate with their areas to establish the make-up of Team Two. Members of Team Two will likely include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Academic leadership – deans, chairs and registrar
  • IT management
  • Insurance services
  • Residence Hall staff
  • Food service staff
  • Procurement
  • Physical Plant shops
  • Grounds Crew
  • Financial services
  • Crisis communications team

The College will focus on getting the residence halls/food services up and running as soon as possible.

NOTE: The duration of PHASE TWO will depend on the severity of the hurricane.

Phase Three will be to bring back all necessary student support staff, full food service, full RA staff, custodians, maintenance techs, etc.

Residential students return to campus, and the College is back on its normal operating schedule, with all faculty and staff reporting to work.